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Celebrating ALTO Day 2023: A Day of Inspiration and Milestones in Berlin

Published Bernice on Sunday, November 5, 2023 4:25 PM

Celebrating ALTO Day 2023: A Day of Inspiration and Milestones in Berlin

Earlier this morning the international education community came together in Berlin to commemorate ALTO Day, a pivotal event in the calendar of the Association of Language Travel Organisations. This day was filled with significant moments, providing an opportunity for networking, education, and celebration, as attendees gathered to reflect on ALTO's 25 years of excellence.

The morning session commenced with the Annual General Meeting (AGM), a crucial segment of ALTO Day, during which the organization's members deliberated and shared insights on the association's initiatives and future endeavors. This provided an essential platform for discussions and decisions that will shape the future of the industry.

One of the highlights of the day was an inspiring session led by Michael G. Jakobides. Michael, a well-respected figure in the world of international education, infused the morning with creativity and enthusiasm. His thought-provoking insights and engaging presentation sparked the attendees' creativity, encouraging them to explore new horizons and innovations within the industry. Following the session, participants engaged in lively and insightful discussions at their respective tables, sharing their thoughts and experiences.

Lunchtime proved to be a special moment during ALTO Day as attendees came together to celebrate ALTO's 25th anniversary. In a remarkable display of unity, founding members of the organization were present to mark this milestone. Their presence added a sense of historical significance to the occasion, as they shared their memories and experiences from the inception of ALTO. It was a unique opportunity for all present to gain a deeper understanding of the journey that has led to ALTO's current status as a leading association in the field of language travel.

As the day concluded, ALTO Day 2023 left an indelible mark on all attendees. The event was a testament to the power of collaboration and shared visions within the international education community. It highlighted the need for ongoing innovation and creativity in the industry, and it paid tribute to the legacy of ALTO, an organization that has played a pivotal role in the development and growth of language travel organizations over the past 25 years. ALTO Day was not merely a gathering; it was a celebration of progress, shared knowledge, and the enduring spirit of cooperation in the ever-evolving landscape of international education.


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