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AIL Madrid opens a new school in Malaga

Published on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

AIL Madrid have just opened a sister school in Malaga. Chris Haworth, the founder and School Director explained that he saw Malaga as the perfect destination for a second AIL school.


“AIL Madrid has been growing fast, and I really wanted to offer something that would share the AIL values of academic excellence combined with a fun approach to the whole student experience, but that would also provide something quite different.”


“One of the things I’ve always loved about Spain is its diversity, and heading south to Andalusia from Madrid always feels like moving to a completely different country. The light, the architecture, the food, the pace of life and even the Spanish accents, all offer a genuine contrast with Madrid. And then there’s the sea! I’m still very much in love with Madrid, for me one of the most exciting cities in Europe, but there is something very special about the Mediterranean.”


AIL Malaga is located in the west of the city. AIL took a deliberate decision to locate the school away from the main tourist areas and in a genuinely popular neighborhood. “We pride ourselves on offering a full immersion experience,” explained Rafael Jimenez, the AIL Malaga School Director. “We wanted to be close to the beaches but in an area which felt authentically Andalusian and where our students would get the chance to mix with real Malagueños and experience the rhythms of local life.”


With 5 sun-lit, fully renovated classrooms, AIL Malaga has an intimate and welcoming atmosphere whilst boasting the same cutting edge technology and teaching methods as its more established older sister.


“We’re very excited to have an AIL Malaga”, says Chris. It gives our students a choice and I’m very proud that AIL can now offer two fantastic and complementary destinations.”


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