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ACT announces a new BSC in Biological Science starting September 2022

Published Lynne on Friday, January 21, 2022 12:00 AM

ACT announces a new BSC in Biological Science starting September 2022

In the face of global challenges such as climate change and environmental management, population growth and food security, and biotechnology and human health, the Biological Sciences have never been more important. Recent discoveries in the field have advanced at breathtaking speeds with beneficial outcomes for mankind. 

In the fall of 2022, ACT is launching a Biological Sciences degree program building on its 15-year past experience in developing and delivering STEM curriculum in collaboration with leading American Universities, such as Northeastern University and Washington University. The degree will provide graduates with a solid foundation of scientific knowledge at the molecular, biochemical, cellular, organismal, and ecosystemic levels. Furthermore, it will equip graduates with practical laboratory experience and research skills which are essential and valuable in a wide range of advanced studies or employment options. 

A key strength of this degree is the exposure to the breadth of biological sciences, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of modern biology, and the implementation of the scientific methodology in designing and executing experimental investigations, analyzing data, interpreting results, communicating findings via writing scientific papers while critically evaluating relevant literature.    

Why Study Biological Sciences

The Biological Sciences degree covers a broad range of life sciences topics and opens up a world of exciting career options, such as in the health field, academia, research and industry. Furthermore, a Biology degree is ideal for people who love studying just as much as they love experimenting or being outdoors.   After the completion of a Biological Science degree, one can specialize in areas such as, Molecular Biology, Human Biology, Plant Biology, Environmental Biology, and Evolutionary Biology.   

A biologist can pursue exciting and rewarding careers such as Biotechnologist, Microbiologist, Marine biologist, Soil scientist, Research scientist, Biochemist, and Wildlife biologist.   Bio-entrepreneurship is increasingly an area where start-up companies arise.  From starting a genetic engineering laboratory or company, developing techniques and application for agriculture, Biofuels, Food processing, Health and Biostatistics

Why Study Biology at ACT

ACT is the ideal place to study Biological Sciences as it is fully equipped for advanced scientific instruction and in-depth research. It has highly accomplished and dedicated faculty members, state-of-the-art teaching laboratories, world-class facilities, and an exciting campus life. ACT’s Biological Sciences degree will provide graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills for understanding the science underpinning globally important problems and for achieving successful career paths. If you are searching to study in an exciting field with a bright future, then Biological Sciences at ACT is a great choice! 

ACT students can pursue both a major or minor in Biological Sciences.

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