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ACET launches its 45th birthday celebrations

Published on Saturday, December 9, 2017

ACET…the little gem in Cork that became the diamond of the South.


January 2018 marks the launch of ACET’s 45th Birthday. 43 years on and still going strong, the family run team does not do things by halves. They are having not one, but a two year lead-up to this special birthday.


ACET opened its doors in 1975 as Cork School of languages, the first school of English in Cork, and now the oldest adult school of English in the whole of Ireland. Over the years with changes of names, the family and school remained the high quality institution it always was.


So why the success? Well, from what we can see it’s the oldest school with the newest ideas. Odile Migieu, Founder & CEO says: ‘We are of course traditional but we move with the times, trends and needs of our clients. Since the outset we have focused on high quality and flexibility and this has enabled us to build a business concept and team that can give the clients exactly what they need and want.’ And of being the oldest standing adult school in Ireland, how does Ms.Migieu feel: ‘It’s an ever changing and increasingly challenging environment out there with political, economic and environmental challenges on the rise. Our secret to success is to work hard and build a fabulous team. We instil  confidence in our team and treat them as our family. Through the tough times we stuck together and moved with the times.’


So, what next for this prestigious school? What started as an adult school has grown to offer junior programmes, specialised English, family programmes and much more. Each year we try to launch a new programme or add a string to their bow. In the last 4 years alone, we have created ACET Abroad, ACET Ireland and ACET Aviation. The future really is diamond sparkling for Ireland’s oldest school.

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