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A typical virtual fair with IAES

Published on Monday, May 15, 2017

International African Education Summit (IAES) continues to grow as one of the unique student and agent recruitment agencies within the Africa, Middle East and Asia regions.


Amidst the various cost-effective solutions launched to helping Institutions grow their numbers within a time-frame, IAES has recently launched the virtual fair option.


The virtual fair is created for Institutions that cannot travel extensively throughout the year or for Institutions that have limited programs and might not need education travels for student recruitment.


Although the virtual fair is for all types of Institutions, it is however best suited for Language schools and University pathway programs.


Why a virtual fair with IAES?


- Reduce travel cost drastically

- Extend the reach of students in different parts of the world within a short time

- Increase your return on investment by 90%


What goes into this?


- Pre-online and offline marketing to aid students opting in prior to the event

- Booth and event set-up online prior to your preferences

- Event execution

- Handing over of student database/opt-ins

On-going online/offline campaign support


How many students attend a virtual fair?


It will all depend on the number of cities we will be covering but a typical virtual fair has a minimum of 100 student attendance and a maximum of 1000+ student attendance


How many students can I get after a virtual fair?


IAES work with targets. This enables us structure your campaign appropriately to help achieve them.


How much does this cost?


- $2500 for a one-time virtual fair

- $500 per re-play

- $10,000 annual billing for 12 virtual fairs and online marketing for 12 months


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