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A Door to Italy: #iorestoacasaestudioitaliano

Published on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A Door to Italy Stay Home

"#IstayathomeandstudyItalian” - this is our motto for staying united and fighting the Coronavirus.

In Italy we say "Turn evil into medicine", that is, we transform evil into good. Our Italian proverb is perfect for this period when everyone is closed at home and has to change their normal routine. However, right now we can take the opportunity to review our priorities, to take care of those we care about and to dedicate time to ourselves. This includes thinking about new opportunities, such as studying Italian.

A Door to Italy - The Italian School for Foreigners is always available. We promptly transferred all our courses on the online platform. It is possible to participate in individual lessons, group courses in the morning or in the evening or specific preparation courses for the CELI Italian language certification of the University for Foreigners of Perugia, all with the same high quality that A Door to Italy has always had.

In this way, you can transform these days of stillness, into a positive and favourable possibility and, even more valuable, to maintain solid and social contacts with other people, perhaps even creating new friendships.

In a practical and efficient way, you can learn Italian comfortably, sitting on the sofa, sipping a cappuccino, chatting with your teacher or with your connected classmates from all over the world.

In addition, we have a special offer during this period! After that, when these difficult hours are only a memory, as our prime minister said "when we start hugging each other again", you will be ready to come to our wonderful country and practically test your improvements.

In the end, we will all return to our lives, but certainly with something new, stronger: solidarity and sharing.

In fact, aren't we all fighting together against a common enemy? Each of us as we can, joining flash mobs from our balconies and windows, singing "Flying" at the same time in different cities or nations, clapping all hands to support and thank the doctors ... but also continuing, each one as they can, their work, at its best and with the same dedication as always.

Be prepared! We will see you soon in person! Study Italian with us!

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