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“A DOOR TO ITALY” – Italian language in Genoa – re-opened its door

Published Lynne on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A Door to Italy Reopens

After the lockdown, all of us at ADTI were impatient to reopen the door of our institute and welcome foreigners in our classrooms. On July 13th, finally, after almost 5 months of closure, we got it. The school has opened safely, with a strict anti-contagion protocol.

Despite the limitations imposed by the fluidity of the health emergency in the world, we are working with people from different European countries and we also see slow growth in demand and interest in those hoping to be able to travel later this year or in 2021.

Working with our "students" in the classroom and seeing the enthusiasm in their eyes is the best post-lockdown cure we could have.

On the other hand, we are grateful to our audience of online courses, who followed us with confidence and achieved excellent results. Closing the school was not pleasant at all, but thanks to our strong team, we were able to multiply our usual online offer. Today ADTI is also a VIRTUAL SCHOOL in all respects, with a wide range of individual and group courses, available in different time slots. We offer courses in general language but also in language for work, first of all the courses for the interpreters of the European institutions who, in large numbers, are trained by us.

Genoa itself has re-opened, respecting, the rules of social distancing and hygiene, and can be visited with peace of mind. The Municipality of Genoa puts in play a sustainable mobility plan and you can safely move on public transports. The Cristoforo Colombo Airport is ready to welcome visitors taking all security and hygienic measures. The Aquarium, the bars, the shops and the beaches reopen. Culture does not stop and, starting from the Museums and the cultural facilities, all are open again with new regulations. From the city centre to the seaside, from the parks to the forts, summer is blowing with all its splendours, and this is the most magical period to discover it.

A Door to Italy and Genoa are here. We’re here for you, for everyone. Come and visit us:

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