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A Day at Intercultura

Published Bernice on Monday, February 26, 2018

8am – 12pm Class


- Each student is placed into the class best suited to his personal level of proficiency, which is evaluated by a brief, one-on-one conversation in Spanish with a professor.


- Classes are completely in Spanish from the beginning.  When questions arise, the teacher slowly and patiently explains in Spanish until we understand, or shows us the word on Google Images.


- There are no more than 6 people per class.  Because of such an intimate class size, we and the teacher were quickly able to learn each other’s names, and are able to explore questions/topics/vocabulary as they came up naturally rather than stick to a stringent curriculum.


- We were given a helpful workbook created by Intercultura.


- Each day our class time alternates between morning and afternoon.  This is ideal for being able to catch some high tides and explore Samara at different times of the day.




- We are given two 15-minute breaks throughout class.


- It is a time to enjoy the beautiful beach-side campus, including hammocks, wifi, and complimentary coffee and tea.


- It is an opportunity to meet and practice Spanish with fellow students from all over the world.


12 pm Lunch


- Everyday at lunch, a local Tica woman sells plates of delicious homemade Costa Rican food.


4pm City tour of Samara


- We were given recommendations and shown the most necessary places around town.


- Samara has been described as “the black hole of happiness.”  Because of its laid-back vibe, friendly people, perfect weather, and natural beauty many people who come here never leave.


5pm New student meet and greet


- An energetic meet and greet with refreshments


5:30 pm Latin Dance Class


- And to finish out the day, we learned some Latin dance at sunset.  Like all activities at Intercultura, it was taught in Spanish.

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