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10 types of students who’d benefit from online lessons

Published on Monday, April 24, 2017

How can students know which online school or platform is best for them?


There are many online schools and online learning platforms to choose from. Students have a vast range of options, but this huge range presents a dilemma. How can students know which online school or platform is best for them?


Here are the 10 types of ILE students.


Students who are overwhelmed by the difficulties that they face when trying to learn English.


Learning English can be overwhelming and sometimes students might find the task so big that it might just be easier to give up and not bother learning English. ILE is the very type of school that takes the challenge of teaching English and breaks it down into digestible bite sizes with realistic attainable goals. We can achieve this because we personalise our lessons to fit the very needs of our students. This is very manageable because we are a boutique online school.


Students who have spent money and time abroad but are now returning home and no longer have a direct means to continue their development of English.


This is a very common problem for students that have finished their time learning at a physical school in another country. The problem is that once they have spent time and money abroad they then return home only to see their hard work dissipate as they notice that so much of the language they had learnt vanishes as a result of not speaking English enough. ILE provides these students with the solution with our online speaking and pronunciation lessons that are ideal for individuals or small groups. These lessons/courses are very affordable and we create a friendly online environment.


Students who need to acquire a range of professional/business terminology to get ahead in their job.


We are very well equipped to help students from various businesses and other professional backgrounds. As we have already done with some of our professional students, we create courses that are specific to their needs, their job role, and the necessary language that professionals need to attain to develop their careers. We focus on developing their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to the level that they require within realistic time frames. This type of service has already seen some really positive results, which we are very proud of.


Business & Academic institutions


Ideal for both individual employees and groups of employees, we offer tailor-made courses that are specific to the business or industry and their goals. This service works better on a long-term basis that can be stretched out over a year, which can also include our services to help check any other aspects of a business’s functions that requires the need for perfect English!


With regards to academic institutions, we are looking to develop a unique type of service in the future called English4all. However, in the meantime, we offer courses that again are designed around the very subjects that students are studying for. This service can be created for both the individual student or online groups, which is the best option.  


Students who need to attain a certain level in an English exam but time is always against them.


As we have seen with some of the students that we have taught and helped to prepare for the IELTS, FCE & CAE exams, time always seems to be against them. For working professionals time is precious. We are ideal for these types of students that need to attain a certain level of English in these types of exams but time is a problem. Following an online level test, we create a realistic timetable that also highlights the aims and objectives, as well as the steps that need to be completed in order to achieve them. This online test allows us to see students’ current level, and assess how many hours of tuition they realistically need to obtain the required level. We are not miracle workers, but we know what we are doing. We guide the student towards realistic expectations by setting achievable and realistic goals.    


Students who have sat for IELTS, CAE or FCE exams in the past but have failed, and need that intensive professional & experienced help.


Failing these exams can be very demoralising and can sap a student’s confidence and motivation to continue. Equally so, there are some students who quickly book to re-sit the exam while hoping for a better result. In both of these cases, students don’t always achieve their goal. However, should they come to ILE we analyse all aspects of the exam, and their exam techniques and create a realistic personalised timetable and course so that they are able to rectify their mistakes by the time they re-sit the exam.


Students who require extra attention, especially if they have a learning difficulty such as dyslexia.


The problem some students have is that they might feel that their teacher doesn’t understand them or the way they learn. As much as there is an ongoing debate in the teaching community about whether learning styles is even a real concept, at ILE we acknowledge that every student is different, and learns at their own pace. We are fully aware that some students need teachers to take a step back, and to think of alternative ways to present and teach various language points. We understand the feelings of frustration when trying to learn a subject, let alone a second language. We pride ourselves on being able to think outside the box, and to go the extra mile in order to help students understand and use a new language.  


Students who want to learn online in small groups.


Our online learning platform is ideal for small groups. It’s very well suited for students that have become friends while learning abroad and wish to continue learning together and enjoy each other’s company while improving their English. It’s also ideal for students that might be from different countries, but are in the same line of work. Furthermore, it is also well suited for students that don’t know each other, yet have a common interest in developing their English.


Students who want to develop their English to a native or colloquial level but don’t want to fork out a lot of time and money.


This is perfect for the student that has reached a certain level of English but wants to continue to develop their language skills in their own relaxed time. We have seen this option as a popular one. This is a good individual option, but is also an excellent online group option.


Students who want to improve their speaking skills, but who also want to actually have a proper summer holiday!!!


This is a unique and original option for students. In the summer there are an endless number of physical language schools that offer lessons inside classrooms while the sun shines outside. For those students that just want to improve their speaking and conversational skills in English while enjoying their summer holiday this truly is ideal. Although individual students are welcome, this is best suited for groups of 6. This has so far been a big hit with the students who have experienced our Holiday English package because they feel they are living the language. This is because the language isn’t forced but is naturally produced, as well as the flow of conversation.  


If you have students on your books that fall under any of these categories, get in touch with ILE.

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