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"Personalized programs “- a key to a better understanding of Russian Language

Published on Thursday, March 23, 2017

There are different ways to organize a learning process for the second language. Some institutions use systems that have proved their efficiency over the years, others are supporters of innovative approaches that are changing twice a year. In Educa’s opinion, the best way to make our students fall in love with the Russian language and get high quality results is to combine communicative approach with the accurate program planning. Every new student is a new combination of experiences and needs; it is our main priority to make sure that those needs are fulfilled.


Personalized program planning ensures that students have the possibility to focus on what they desire from the Russian courses. It is agreeable that short term students need another course intensity and language material to grasp enough of language and culture to be able to communicate. Individual approach to each program allows us to build the learning style that will suit students' needs and wants. What is more, when systems are designed based on the preferences and aims, it is more likely that our visitors will find allies and like-minded friends in their group. That obviously turns the language trip into a more exciting adventure.


Communicative approach is another brick that contributes to building a solid understanding and ability to operate within a new language and culture. Teachers that spend more time speaking the Russian during the class, create a full immersion atmosphere for the students. It is not only connected with a wider exposure to the language, but also establishing an additional value to the classes. Communicative approach mainly motivates students to lean more into the process, gives them opportunity to learn from the facial expressions and intonations, and thus presents them with additional tools of perception.


In order to successfully combine personalization of lessons with communicative approaches tutors have to be trained to become open minded and being able to mix various topics and methods. Thanks to our experience of more than 10 years, professionals that are part of our team evolve together with students, opening new ways of bringing maximum efficiency to the classroom.


To sum up, the best way to teach a second language is to know what student wants to get as a result, what kind of experience he or she enjoys the most. All that, together with a personalized program will bring excitement and motivation to the class, putting smiles on students' faces!

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