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Work Placement / Traineeship Program with Language Xchange Ireland

Published on Monday, July 24, 2017

This July LXI  have #45 students availing of experience in an Irish work environment. This is an Erasmus + grant aided program for many of the students. 


Our Work Placement program is best suited to students 17yrs old and over, who are motivated and on B2, C1 English levels on arrival.


We provide many form of work placement.


Work Placements previously sourced for participants: 


Hospitality - Reception & front office, Bar work, Restaurant, Accommodation, Sales & Marketing or Gym


Retail - Clothing Stores, Furniture Stores, Supermarkets, On-line Sales, Hardware Stores or Artisan Markets.


Sport & Administration - Gyms or Fitness Centres.


Farming - Equestrian Centres, Diary Farms, Mixed Farms, or Pet shops. 


Nursing - Nursing homes, Physiotherapy Clinics or Creches.


Office / Administration - Small Businesses, Solicitors Offices, Accountants Offices, Retail Offices, Tourism Office, Kitchen & Tile Companies, Politicians Office, or Art Galleries.


Catering - Hotel & Restaurant chef positions, Waiting in cafes and restaurants, Food Producers or Bar & Food premises. 


Trades - Painting & Decorating work, Mechanical Garage work, Hairdressing, Beautician work, Electrical work, Plumbing work, Carpentry work, Landscaping work, Web design, Social Media Marketing, Video production & Advertising or Database entry.  


Language Xchange Ireland and our English Work Placement Program has been Erasmus Plus funded for 40% of our bookings to date. 


High Schools & students who have attend our Trainee-ship program have originated from many EU countries including; France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Finland and Norway. 


All of our student are prepared for their program via our FREE on line e-learning package, online FAQ's and a 24/7 Help desk.  On completion of Level I of e-learning our students are well prepared for a very real work environment placement. 


Schools are finding placing students in their local industry become increasing difficult and in recent years impossible.  Thankfully our Irish welcome allows many hundreds of students to pass through the south east of Ireland on this valuable program which "prepares your students for the work environment and employment

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