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News from Bay Language Institute

Published on Monday, June 19, 2017

There has been so much happening here at bli ! Our students from Switzerland, France, Libya, Germany, Angola, Belgium, Spain, UAE, Italy and the Netherlands have provided us with so much fun and incredibly crazy stories full of love and memories for a lifetime. Enjoy this very short overview of what exactly you have missed!


We had a bunch of students mad for adventure, who went skydiving, ziplining and bungy jumping, having the time of their lives! Others went for relaxing weekend breakaways to Hogsback and Cintsa and would love to turn back time and return to these stunning places - peace and tranquility often unheard of in the places they call home. And before you think they're having too much fun, they do a plenty of English during the week - and practice what they've learnt on their weekend trips. Luckily they have their own awesome bli team to help organize all these amazing trips, adventures and getaways!


Port Elizabeth is always a beautiful place for quiet horse rides on the beach, hiking through the nature reserves and sandboarding down our massive dunes - time to tick these off your bucket list or simply reconnect to nature.


Which leads us straight to our new product, a burn-out management programme designed to help you deal with stress in the workplace and your personal life:


Burnout management


If you are feeling stressed, physically and emotionally exhausted, or need to find useful and real coping mechanisms to overcome personal and/ or corporate obstacles, this is the refueling strategy made for you!  Contact Shaun


TEFL news


We have successfully trained 30 TEFL teachers in our 120 hour in-class course this year, most of whom are on their way East to teach English in China or Korea through Goldkey Education's fantastic programmes. Great opportunities await those with a degree, but English is in such demand that even TEFL-qualified teachers without a degree can teach English in many language schools all over Asia! Contact us for TEFL course info. We'll help you get started!

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