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Miss Universe Malta at Study World Global College

Published on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Global College Malta has been beautified over the past few weeks when it hosted the contestants of Miss Universe Malta 2017.


During one of the many meetings with Mr. Jeffrey Francalanza, it was stressed that the contest is no longer simply a beauty contest but it has become a holistic contest whereby the contestants are judged on different aspects of their personalities and intellect as well.  After conducting a needs analysis exercise, the College offered some sessions to the contestants related to soft skills, managing stress through relaxation as well as managing emotions. These sessions were very well received by all the participants that felt that this has helped them in achieving some much needed tips and help with managing their stress levels and emotions during the journey that will lead one of them to be crowned as Miss Universe Malta 2017. Dr. Ashok Srivastava, the facilitator of these sessions, has also provided the contestants with some insight about cross cultural competencies keeping in mind that the winner of this contest will be travelling around the world meeting and mingling with a number of different cultures.


Global College Malta will be sponsoring this event, which will be held in the beginning of August 2017. Global College Malta wishes all the participants the best of luck for this event and their future.

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