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Win German Language Courses in Weekly Advent Calendar Drawing!

Published on Monday, December 4, 2017

From December 1 to 21, a total of 3 two-week German courses are drawn on


German language school Humboldt-Institut is happy to announce the Humboldt Advent calendar's sixth season with a chance to win a two-week intensive German language course every week until Christmas!


Advent calendars are very popular in Germany, especially the candy-filled variety. Behind the 24 doors or little windows of such a calendar, pieces of chocolate or candies wait to be enjoyed each day of the Advent season.


How does the Humboldt calendar work?


Starting on December 1, one door of the Advent calendar can be opened each day on the school's website. Participants need to answer the question of the day and register with their name, age and email to take part in the competition. Participating every day enhances the chance to win a prize!


Which prizes can be won?

Each week, participants can win a two-week intensive German course at the Humboldt-Institut as a main prize. Depending on their age, students can choose to take their German course in the course centers in Constance or Berlin City (for participants aged 18+), in Lindenberg (13-17) or Bad Schussenried (10-17). The package does not only include the German language course, but also all course material, residence accommodation, full board, a daily activity program, excursions and free airport transfer. In addition, Humboldt polo shirts and dictionaries will be drawn. The total value of all prizes exceeds 5,000 euros!


“Humboldt is looking forward to many participants and lucky winners in the Advent calendar competition who will learn German at one of our schools,” states the school's managing director, Mr. Lennart Güthling. On Friday, December 1, the first door can be opened on:


The article image shows the Advent calendar, depicting the Humboldt course center for adults in Constance, a lively university town of 82,000 people located on the banks of beautiful Lake Constance in southern Germany.


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