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High School Integration in Sunny South Africa

Published on Thursday, March 23, 2017

English Language Homestays has just returned from the sunny climes of Cape Town. We spent the last ten days there visiting new and existing schools.


It was very reassuring to know that our Host Families there are still as enthusiastic and the schools likewise. So do consider a High School Integration.


We have personally inspected all of the Schools and are pleased with the variety of subjects and sports on offer. Some schools are in traditional towns such as Simons Town; others north of Cape Town in Brackenfell offer a more European approach and speak both Afrikaans and English. Finally, if you like to kick back and surf then take a trip to schools we have in Gordons Bay and Stellenbosch. All are varied and appropriate for serious learners who wish to improve their English and understand more of the South African culture and history. These schools already host our other European students and know what is expected.


We have a dedicated Local Coordinator for all of the areas who will welcome you and ensure you feel settled. They are always available for you. The schools will introduce you to a Buddy to look after you in the first few weeks. Better still, a lot of our host families have children attending your school so you will settle in even quicker. Again, our host families are all personally known by us in the UK Office as well as our Local Coordinator and their homes are well appointed to schools and amenities. Many hosts offer private bathroom as standard.  


It is important that you wear the school uniform, adhere to the school code of conduct and come with a serious learning attitude but after that, just relax and make new friends. The schools all follow recognised Examinations and if you stay for three terms you can be expected to participate in these. If you come for shorter periods, you will still attend all lessons and be treated like a long term student. European students are always made welcome and friendships are coveted! You can come from 2 months to 1 academic year.  


Finally if you want to try your hand at volunteering then we have links to your school where you can help the younger children read English books or assist the Juniors with sports. We also have opportunities to work with a Shark Conservation Charity who looks forward to help from older students. Rugby your thing? Then consider joining the many After school Clubs and you may be lucky to be picked to play Rugby for the school


For further information on available dates and Course Syllabus please contact Lindsay Midali:

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