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2 Weeks left to benefit from Early Bird Prices for our Dive and Network Event

Published on Monday, July 17, 2017

There are only 2 weeks left to book your place at the Dive & Network Event and benefit from discounts! After the 31st July prices will go back up to normal. 


So what is this Dive & Network Event?


Schools & Agents has teamed up with fRilingue to bring together education providers, consultants and service providers within the Education Travel Industry to mix, mingle and network in a more relaxed environment. We firmly believe that the best kind of networking is done when people are relaxed and having fun, so we have chosen to recreate this atmosphere, keep the number of participants reasonable and ensure that over the 4 days of the event everyone who attends will not only get to know everyone else, but also leave the venue having explored all the potential business opportunities which can enable them to work together.


When and where is this event taking place?


This will be held in Malta from 28th September to 2nd October, 2017. We have chosen Malta because it is one famous diving spot and the weather is generally still quite warm at the end of September. Many locals would say that September / October is the best time for swimming in Malta because the beaches would not be too crowded and the water would be nice and warm. Being Maltese, we confirm this theory!


Will it only be Diving?


No, although we do encourage you to try. It will be the first diving experience for us too (I know it's strange considering we live in Malta, however, it's one of those things that we kept postponing...and now the right time has come!). We will have qualified diving instructors and we will be divided into small sub-groups so that there is one instructor for every 4 participants. This means that the more experienced divers will not be held back by beginners like us! And at the same time, us beginners can stick together and learn something new and exciting! 

Nevertheless, if you absolutely do not wish to dive, you can still join us in the morning when we go diving and enjoy the lovely Maltese rocky beaches whilst taking some sun. Let's face it, it's not every day that you get to work on your tan at the end of September....whilst working!


More importantly, how much does it cost?


This is another advantage. When booking for this event between now and the 31st July, prices start from EUR 160 per person.This fee covers all of the following:

- 4 nights in a shared room (it is possible to book a single room for the price of EUR300) with WIFI

- Breakfast

Airport Transfer (both ways)

- Seminar on Social Media and Web Marketing

- Team Building Seminar

- Cultural Excursions and the opportunity to visit schools in Malta and meet the owners (this could be intersting both for education consultants but also for education providers because it is a great opportunity to share experiences and examples of best practice).


What will the programme be like?


You can view and download the event programme from here.


How do I get more information about this?


You can find more information about the Dive and Network event in Malta here and do not hesitate to contact us.


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