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ICEF Brazil

  Publisher : Jonas Farrugia   10 November 2023 18:20

Connect with ICEF-screened agents from Brazil as demand for international education opportunities surges

With ICEF Latin America moving to Miami in December 2024, ICEF Brazil will become the country-specific event for this growing market. In Brazil, education agents play a vital role in helping students find study opportunities outside of their home country. These regional agents understand the importance of creating and maintaining strong, authentic relationships with students and their families, and have nurtured an outbound student market that has shown substantial growth. Their success has been such that Brazilian students are now featured on the top source market lists of leading study destinations across North America, Europe, and Australasia.

As the largest industry networking event in the region, ICEF Brazil gathers hundreds of high-quality, ICEF-screened agents, key decision makers from education institutions, and companies providing industry services, all under one roof. This popular event enables you to forge long-lasting professional and personal connections in order to support your engagement strategy in this increasingly prosperous region. 

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