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UKLC announces partnership with prestigious boarding school Wycombe Abbey

Published Bernice on Monday, February 12, 2024 8:39 AM

UKLC announces partnership with prestigious boarding school Wycombe Abbey

UKLC is proud to announce its collaboration with the prestigious boarding school Wycombe Abbey, for the launch of the Wycombe Abbey Summer Programme 2024, an innovative experience for young leaders of tomorrow, giving students the perfect opportunity to immerse themselves in British culture and spoken English while engaging with other students from across the world.

Located at the beautiful and historic Wycombe Abbey, only thirty miles from London, the course is tailored towards aspirational students aged 12-17. This programme is designed to equip participants with the necessary tools to maximise their potential to excel in an ever-changing world, immersing themselves in English culture in a world-class campus nestled in 170 acres of parkland.

Tailored for individuals seeking above-average academic challenges, our programme offers a unique opportunity to delve deep into English language refinement and engaging activities. From intensive language classes to intellectually stimulating workshops, every aspect is meticulously crafted to foster holistic growth.

The topics presented in this immersive experience contribute to building a unique path for each participant with clear learning objectives. Our course allows students to engage in four hours of morning lessons exploring:

- British Culture

- English for Academic Purposes and Exam

- Projects and Creations

- 21st Century Skills

In addition to morning classes, students select one elective for the duration of the course. Through these electives, our students’ journey enables them to:

- become global ethical leaders (Leadership and Sustainability)

- learn the principles of design (Digital and Beyond)

- create and produce a dramatic performance (Performing Arts),

- understand how to maintain an active lifestyle (Sports, Health and Wellbeing).

During their stay, students will also enjoy an action-packed programme of activities and excursions tied to the above topics. We are proud to offer a course that combines an immersive learning experience with a dynamic activity programme, the chance to explore London, Oxford and Cambridge and the opportunity to stay at a world-class boarding school.

UKLC specialises in young learner programmes for students aged 8-17 years in renowned boarding schools and university locations across England. British Council accredited for the Teaching of English in the UK, Members of English UK Young Learners and Quality English and recognised as a EL Gazette Centre of Excellence.

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