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How Intrinsiq Works - Teacher Allocator

Published Bernice on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 8:30 AM

How the Teacher Allocator function works on Intrinsiq

The Teacher Allocator is a very useful classroom management tool within the Intrinsiq System that schools absolutely love because it enables them to set up their classes and carry out their academic forecasting more efficiently. 

6 Steps to Efficient Teacher Allocation

Step 1: Click Academics - Teacher Allocator

Step 2: Choose Date 

Step 3: Click View Week - system will load that current week list of classes

Step 4: Choose teachers for each class - you can copy them for the whole week at one click

Step 5: You can change the teacher for a particular class if there has been a change

Step 6: System saves automatically

Or….it could even be done in 4 simple steps!

Step 1: Click Academics - Teacher Allocator

Step 2: Click ‘Copy from Last Week’ to avoid starting from scratch

Step 3: Tweak only the necessary changes if any

Step 4: System saves automatically

What are the benefits of Teacher Allocation?

The most significant benefit that schools point out in this regard is that they have everything laid out in front of them on one page. So basically, all the classes listed for a particular week at the school would show up on just one page.

Secondly, the system will alert you when you assign the same teacher to a different class more than once. Sometimes this happens when schools still do class schedules manually, and for it to not happen, they need to be super meticulous and take up an immense amount of time. Intrinsiq can do it for you automatically.

You can also carry forward last week’s allocations hence saving precious time. If you have a teacher who will continue teaching the same class from one week to the next, you can simply assign that teacher to that class for a specific number of weeks, and everything will be saved automatically.

The system will also work the hours all teachers worked through the allocated times assigned, once again saving you lots of precious time when passing this information on to the accounts department to carry out payments. With just one click of a button, accounts will be notified and you won’t even need to lift a finger!

The Intrinsiq system allows you to plan your weeks ahead of schedule so that you may know when you are going to need to bring more teachers on board and it allows you to plan accordingly.

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