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Scuola Leonardo da Vinci: Preparation courses for Studying at a University in Italy

Published Lynne on Saturday, April 16, 2022 12:00 AM

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci: Preparation courses for Studying at a University in Italy

This summer, students who want to study at the Italian University have a unique opportunity with the Leonardo da Vinci School. From 1 August to 26 August the schools of Florence, Milan, Rome organize a special University Preparation Course.

Our university preparation courses are specially designed for students who intend to attend university in Italy. Some Italian universities require students to take an entrance exam in order to be accepted into a specific program/major (for example the faculties of medicine and architecture). Whether or not an exam is required for matriculation, our course prepares students for success throughout their degree’s curriculum.

The course deals with general culture topics and specific topics for each degree course to help students obtain all the necessary knowledge to face the chosen academic path.

During the course, students will be guided to improve their approach to academic writing, research and discussion, all key skills for academic study.

Students can choose between the preparation course for faculties without an entrance exam and the course for faculties that have an entrance exam.

The aim of these courses is to help students develop the skills and understanding that are required to attend lessons and facilitate them to pass the entrance exam.

- Preparation course for Medical studies in Italy

- Preparation course for Architectural studies in Italy

- Italian language Preparatory course for Fashion and Design Academies

Course details

- Duration: 4 weeks and includes 140 lessons for a minimum of 5 students.

- Price: € 1495 + € 70 for the registration fee

- Starting dates: August 1st

The price of the course includes:

- Lessons;

- Initial test and interview;

- Course material;

- Certificate of attendance;

- Information and assistance in administrative matters

Italian universities require a minimum level B1-B2 of knowledge of the Italian language. At the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci students can obtain the required level with the numerous courses on offer. Depending on their starting level, students may aim to acquire a basic knowledge of the Italian language or enhance and perfect their previous knowledge of the language.

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