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Intrinsiq Insider - Jonas's experience at IALC in Cardiff

Published Bernice on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 3:41 PM

Intrinsiq Insider - Jonas's experience at IALC in Cardiff

Hey, want to dig into what's happening at Intrinsiq? Jump into another edition of our 'Intrinsiq Insider' series. Our focus, this time around, is We have asked our Sales Manager, Jonas Farrugia to drop us a few lines on his experience at the IALC workshop in Cardiff that ran from the 11th to the 14th of April. 

Jonas Farrugia has been in the language school game for over 20 years. His first role in the industry was in Admissions and from then moved to Accommodation, Activities, and various other roles before focusing his career on the Sales path. His start with Intrinsiq was a rocky one as it was right in 2020 when the industry, and the whole world, suffered a big hit due to COVID-19, but Jonas and Intrinsiq endured He began by dealing with admissions, figuring out accommodations and organising activities before finally moving towards sales. Jonas has been working with Intrinsiq for more than four years. Here’s what he had to say about his experience at the workshop. 

“The trip was a brilliant chance to touch base with old industry friends and clients. It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to catch up.” Jonas Farrugia continues "Plus, it was a great opportunity to meet new faces and make some fresh connections in the industry.’’ 

Intrinsiq attends these conferences with three goals in mind. 

  • To meet with Intrinsiq’s current clients - while we do keep in touch with our clients, nothing beats a good face-to-face chat, getting to know about new developments from their end and discussing how Intrinsiq can add functions that will help enable these new developments. Apart from work, it is always refreshing to chat with clients that we’ve worked with for years on a more personal level. 
  • To showcase Intrinsiq to prospective clients - we love our system, and we like to show it off any chance we get. So, it is always a pleasure to have the chance to meet with new prospective clients, discuss their needs and then show them how Intrinsiq can solve those issues for them.  
  • To Network – at Intrinsiq we love to meet people from every aspect of the language travel industry, Meeting people from all walks of life, discussing ideas and learning new viewpoints is what helps our staff grow as individuals and that growth is then transmitted onto Intrinsiq itself. 

“Having a chance to meet up with Mark Milford and Dario Zignale is always a bonus” Jonas, says “Even though we chat daily and have quite a few meetings to discuss what our respective teams are working on, nothing beats a good brainstorming session while we are face to face. Hanging out together in a more casual setting, sharing a laugh or two, helps strengthen our team bond.”   

 “I am always amazed” Jonas continues “at the ideas that emerge when we put our heads together to discuss Intrinsiq’’. 

Keep an eye out for our next Intrinsiq Insider articles, and if you want to know more about us feel free to follow our channels and blog.

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