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Feature Friday - Merrick Prep

Published Bernice on Friday, March 17, 2023 10:00 AM

Feature Friday 1703

Today’s Feature Friday post focuses on Merrick Prep:

Can you give us 3 adjectives that describe your school?

Inclusive, caring, individual support and academically focused.

Where do your students come from? 

Every year is different. We have welcomed students from over 40 different countries on campus since 2012. This year they are from Canada, USA, Peru, Panama, Italy, Mexico, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Senegal, China, South Korea, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Guinea Equatorial, Spain, UAE, Syria

Which is your most popular course and what do your students like most about your school?

Students love that Merrick Prep is their “home away from home” and that they have found a second family, the safety and caring, diverse environment in order to grow academically, linguistically, culturally and socially.

Students join us for grades 9-12 and University Qualification Year ( last one is for students who have just finished high school but would like an extra year to prepare for university while graduating with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma which gives them access to any university around the world - #1 high school diploma).

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