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Sustainable Wednesday: 5 Practical Sustainability Initiatives for International Education

  Publisher : Stephanie Clark   11 June 2024 19:00

Educational institutions worldwide are increasingly recognising the importance of eco-friendly practices by introducing green initiatives. So what can your international school or university do to join the fight for sustainability? In this week’s Sustainable Wednesday we share five tips for implementing green practices in international education.

1. Adopt renewable energy sources

Many leading institutions are transitioning to renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. Install solar panels on campus buildings and explore partnerships with local renewable energy providers. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and sets an excellent example for environmental responsibility.

2. Start a recycling and composting programme

Reduce waste sent to landfills by setting up recycling initiatives across your school or university grounds, making it accessible to all nationalities by providing clearly labelled bins in simple language. If your establishment has a cafeteria, consider a food composting site, using the food waste to fertilise campus gardens.

3. Encourage eco-friendly travel

Offer incentives for students and staff to use environmentally-friendly transportation options like public transport, cycling, ridesharing, or electric vehicles. Make these options easier by providing secure bike racks, exploring partnerships with car-sharing services, and installing electric vehicles charging stations. This not only reduces emissions, but decreases traffic congestion around campus.

4. Create green campus grounds and buildings

Prioritise sustainable landscaping and green buildings that minimise environmental impact through energy-efficient design, eco-friendly construction materials, and smart lighting and temperature control systems. Add green spaces with plants, trees, and gardens to improve air quality and support biodiversity around your school or university.

5. Promote sustainability in classroom materials

Build a culture of awareness among students by including sustainability in classroom materials and encouraging discussion around environmental topics. Organise student-led projects and extracurricular programmes focused on sustainability and climate action. This education will empower students to make a positive change in their day-to-day choices.

By taking practical steps like these in promoting environmental literacy and leading by example, international education institutions can lead the way in adopting best practices for a healthier planet. For more inspiration, discover what some international schools have done to improve their sustainability efforts here!

Written by Stephanie Clark

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