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Intrinsiq Insider - Team Meetup in Pakistan

  Publisher : Bernice   12 June 2024 07:08

Hello! Welcome to our latest 'Intrinsiq Insider article! Get ready for a sneak peek behind the scenes of Mark and Dario's recent trip to Pakistan for a team meetup that was long overdue. Dario had the task of planning a team building/get-together in Pakistan; the team in Pakistan have been doing an excellent job and it was time for the whole team to meet in person and discuss what the future holds. Plans were made, Passports checked, and Mark and Dario were off to the Islamabad office. 

But it wasn't just about work – no way! The team knows how to have fun too. Imagine this: chilling out at coffee shops, wandering around local markets, tasting spicy desi foods, sharing cultures, and talking about ideas that weren't just about work. It was like the team became even closer mates after all those adventures! 

Now, let's get down to business. Brainstorming was what we were all about. Our great team from the UK and Pakistan came together, tossing around ideas like crazy. How can we make Intrinsiq even better? What more can we do to make sure the Intrinsiq platform caters for all the needs, current and future of the international education sector? These and many other questions were at the forefront of every discussion during the trip.  

It will come as no surprise that these sessions brought about loads of awesome ideas; from new features, cooler designs, and plenty of solutions to improve user experience. These ideas have paved the way for what Intrinsiq will be working on in the coming months. Intrinsiq is getting ready to shake things up in international education, one awesome idea after another. 

Mark and Dario's trip to Pakistan was a big win! The team has become even closer, new ideas emerged and most of all amazing memories that will last a lifetime. And that is a wrap for this edition of Intrinsiq Insider. Until next time, stay curious, stay innovative, and keep the Intrinsiq spirit alive!

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