Who should participate ?

Business Schools, University, College, Vocational programs and language schools


What Is The WEBA International Recruitment Program?

WEBA provides fair venues for business school representatives to meet agents in charge of the recruitment of students for Bachelors and Master programs. The overall itinerary affords enough time around the fairs to conduct school business and arrange outside appointments.


Who Should Attend?

We require that your school be represented by an admissions staff member, teacher or administrator. We do encourage you to call on local alumni and parents to join your school at the fair.


What About Displays?

Each school will be supplied with a table at each fair. You may wish to use any of these typical display items: a table drape with the school logo, inquiry cards, books, brochures, photo albums, a battery-operated laptop and video, or spirit merchandise for gifts. Please note - this is a "tabletop only"; exhibit hall and floor banners are prohibited. Whatever your plan, be sure your display is simple, lightweight and easy to transport.


What's Covered By The Fees?

Fees cover the cost of fair venues, lists of area contacts and country information in advance, marketing and promotional activities.



WEBA is looking forward to our 10th annual recruitment tour in Asia Please see fair dates below.



Rate € 1500 for each event ( special price if you book the complete tour which include accommodation)



Rate: from € 1900 per Fair