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Adventure and Survival Camp in Switzerland!

Published on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Explore the valleys, reach the heights and drift off the beaten track: fRilingue’s taking you into the wild!


Fancy offering your clients something different this summer?


Then our Adventure & Survival Camp up in the Swiss Alps could be just what you’re looking for.


7th July - 11th August 2018


This extra-special adrenaline camp is aimed at teens aged 12 to 16 years and is held exclusively in English with our professional and experienced instructors. The camp will be based out of our Alpine Chalet in Saint Bernard, situated in Switzerland’s mountainous canton of Valais, and will also include an overnight hike with camping in a bivouac shelter.


Participants will spend each and every day in the great outdoors of the alps, where our expert instructors will give theoretical and practical survival lessons in English.


Lessons will include:


- How to navigate with a map and compass

- How to predict the weather forecast

- How to construct an emergency shelter

- How to make fire without matches

- How to tie different types of knots

- How to find a food supply in nature

- Discover the plants and their benefits, the animals and their behavior

- Other essential survival skills

- A 2-day hike in the bivouac


As well as learning these practical skills in the most realistic setting possible, participants will also have the chance to enjoy several adrenaline inducing adventure activities including:


- Rock climbing

- High ropes adventure park

- Zip line

- Canoeing or paddle boarding

- Gorge crossing

- Adventure challenges

- Mountain scootering


This is an intense camp aimed at teens with a real love of nature, adventure and the great outdoors, however we also aim to leave each participant more educated and informed about their natural surroundings, teaching them about the fauna & flora, geography and the energy issues of the region among other things.


Having worked with a partner over the past 5 years, friLingue has now decided to go it alone with our own expertise, so c’mon and join the adventure!


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