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Business English Workshops at betcMalta

Published EDU-WorldWide on Monday, September 10, 2018

Here at betcMalta we’d love to tell you all about our Business English workshops.

In fact, we could go on for hours about how flexible they are … you do have the choice, after all, of going for twenty hours a week, or forty. You could opt for Monday to Wednesday, or Wednesday to Friday, or even a full week. For the early risers, you could join us for the mornings, while those who prefer their bedroom to the boardroom might like to show up wide awake and ready to go for the afternoon sessions. It really is up to you, and we’d love to tell you all about it. Oh yes … we could bang on forever about how proud we are of our product, and how great it is, and how beneficial the courses are for anyone who needs that edge in the business world or who simply needs to push the level of language up a notch.

Sure we could. And - English being our business – we could make it sound amazing. We could wax lyrical …

 … but we’re not going to.

There’s a number of reasons for this, but mainly, it’s because we kind of take all of the above for granted. We provide courses in Business English … they’re supposed to be flexible, and they’re supposed to provide our clients with that ‘edge’, and they’re designed to push the level of language up quite a bit more than just a ‘notch’. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, and bragging about it – although we’d secretly love to – is a bit … well … stating the obvious, really.

Besides … let’s be honest … if you looked hard enough, you could find a thousand other business training centers all saying the exact same thing …

So … what is it that makes betcMalta different?

Quite a bit, actually, but one thing that we particularly pride ourselves on is availability. Here at betcMalta we recognise one simple truth … a client is a client twenty-four hours a day, and not just for the handful of hours a day that they spend sitting in a chair in our boardrooms. Learning happens everywhere; the language is all around us, wherever and whenever that may be. Sometimes, the good idea you have at five in the afternoon simply can’t wait until the following morning, and sometimes, the puzzling question that occurs to you at breakfast just can’t be put aside until dinner ...

And that’s where we come in. We’re always just a phone call or WhatsApp message or email away. We lead up to the course, and we follow up after the course …

… and we could bang on for hours about this, and we could wax lyrical about that, and we’d love to do so right here and right now…

… but we’re not going to. Why don’t you give us a call on +356 99 48 68 17 (Malta) or +49 152 52 33 05 14 (Germany) instead?

We’d love to tell you all about it. 


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