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Free Information Seminars on Immigration at Zoni

Published Korinne Algie on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

People of different ethnicities - all welcome at Zoni's free visa seminar

Getting a visa to the United States regardless of whether it is for a holiday, to study, or to work is renowned as an extremely daunting process. In reality, with the right information the process is not as scary as it first seems. At Zoni, we found that many of our students have questions about how the US visa system works. They know a bit about the visa application process and the basics of what they could and couldn’t do, but many were still unsure.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and we believe that it is important that our students are empowered to act within the parameters of their visas and plan for their futures. Knowing and understanding the US immigration system helps them to dream big, whether it is to plan for further study, or in some cases, permanent migration. In line with this idea, we created free immigration seminars for our students, their families and friends. These seminars provide detailed information on various aspects of US immigration and are held monthly at Zoni campuses in New York and New Jersey.

During our seminar in early April we will be talking about the, "Labor Certification Program". This program, run by the Labor Department, is perfect for people with aspirations of living in the United States - it places them on the path to Permanent Residency. In this seminar, students will be given clear information about the Labor Certification Program in easy-to-understand English and will have their questions answered. This seminar will be held at our Passaic (NJ), Manhattan (NY) and Jackson Heights (NY) Campuses.

By helping our students to understand the many different options available to them and showing them that their dreams, can become a reality, we ensure they remain motivated, positive and excited to learn English with us.

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