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Zoni Field Trip to Philadelphia : History, culture and English practice in an unusual setting!

Published Korinne Algie on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Zoni students enjoy the Field Trip to Philadelphia

On October 30th Zoni students participated in a history packed field trip to Philadelphia. All Zoni field trips are designed to give students cultural and historical insight into the United States as well as providing maximum opportunity to practice English in a real-life setting. This field trip was not any ordinary sightseeing tour! Students were also able to visit and explore an Amish settlement, giving them a very different and for many, surprising, glimpse into life in America.

The field trip was open to all students at Zoni’s New York and New Jersey campus, as well as their friends and family. Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and is most famous for being where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1787. In fact, one of the stops on the Zoni Field Trip was Independence Hall, the building where both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were adopted. In addition, students saw the Liberty Bell and various other important sites in and around the Independence National Historical Park. 

Another highlight of the Zoni Philadelphia field trip was the stop in Amish Country. Many students had not heard about the Amish before and were extremely surprised to see the way they live. The Amish are known for living a very simple life including plain dress and no modern technology. Students were amazed and impressed that the Amish live without computers, cell phones, cars and many other things we take for granted. 

Many Zoni students love animals and miss their pets at home. At the Amish village students were able to spend some quality time petting all kinds of farm and domestic animals. For many students this was their absolute favourite part of the field trip. 

At Zoni we believe that to learn English properly our students need to understand the culture and history behind it. Zoni field trips give students the opportunity to see and learn about key events that shaped the American way of life, as well as experiencing different cultures in the United States melting pot. On top of all this, students are challenged to use a broad range of English outside the comfort of their classrooms but still with the support and guidance of their teachers and peers. 

Further pictures and videos of the Zoni Philadelphia Field Trip are available on the Zoni Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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