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Welcome to our New and Improved Schools and Agents Website

Published on Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring is the time when nature is reborn after the cold winter months. And in our case we are also celebrating spring, a different kind of spring. It is with great pleasure that after months of hard work, we launch our new website. has had a total makeover…and we couldn’t be happier to share her new face with you.


In this article we shall go through the different sections of the site, and how each one is relevant to you as users. We start with the general look and feel of the site. Lynne and I wanted something that is us and we believe that this new website does that job well. It is informative and to the point, however, in this article we are going to walk you through all its different features.


Readers – All industry players

The landing page of the new site is similar in format to what we had before in that you can read the main news items that we post, or which are sent to us to publish by our members. All the articles are stored in the Articles tab and are divided between News and Member Articles. It is now easier to browse through these different kinds of articles and it gives more prominence to the Member articles who are now stored in a new section entirely dedicated to them.


One more feature that we shall be introducing as of this month is that ALL member articles will be published in a separate newsletter that is entirely dedicated to them. We anticipate that with the new features that have been included in the school profiles we will have more articles to share with you, and have prepared specifically for that.


Service Providers


This is a space where Advisors such as, IT Providers, Content Writers, Marketing Consultants, Web Developers, and other people / organisations who can offer their services to our member schools and agents can register their profiles in order to advertise their services.


Our Service providers are a very important part of our audience. Service providers can choose between two options. They can have their logo displayed as a banner or at the bottom of the page with our Sponsors and Partners. Alternatively they can have a profile in our Service Providers section. For further information on what this profile entitles you to, please visit our Membership page.




Education providers now have a new page entirely dedicated to them. They can choose from one of three different package options (as opposed to the previous two) which are clearly defined here. It is now also possible for new Education providers to register and complete the whole payment process directly from our website.


Education providers can also mix and match features from one package to the other. Contact us for further info.




Agents now also have a page which is specifically dedicated to them. Here new agents can find out all there is to know about their subscription and what it entitles them and can easily register for free with the click of a button.




The biggest change has possibly been to our Directory. School profiles are still visible to anyone who visits this page of the website, but are sorted out in terms of membership: Platinum members are listed first in a dark blue, Premium members are listed second in a lighter blue, and Light members are listed third in a pale blue colour.


School profiles now ALL contain links to all social media pages, unlike in the previous site where we couldn’t link up to all social media pages, and we have even included links to your blogs. This will enable us to follow what you are doing better and you will see us publishing your posts and disseminating them among our network from time to time. Remember that Platinum members can send us as many articles as they like to publish, and Premium members can get published once a month.


The Agents part of the Directory is only accessible by logging in. Member Schools can log in using their info - Contact us to find out how you can log in or request a new password if you don’t manage to log in.


Contacting Us


Apart from our email addresses and Skype ID’s, which have remained the same, you can now also contact us directly via our page – another feature that was not possible before.


Social Media


Social Media is a strong aspect of the Schools & Agents platform because through that we continue to give you, our members, a voice in our industry. We ensure that your news ends up in the inboxes and on the screens of the right industry players … and to continue maintaining our promise we will continue to expand our social media channels as well for your benefit.


New logo


In conclusion, you will have noticed that we have also redesigned our logo and have chosen to have three figures holding hands in a circle - this represents the three pillars within our industry i.e. the education institutions, the agents and the service providers who work closely together in order to provide the best service possible to each other and also to the ultimate client, the student.


We have been working on this project since September and this wouldn’t have been possible without the great people at Websuccess – a young Design and Development company with a great vision and passion for what they do. We honestly cannot recommend these people enough!


So now that we have given you the grand tour of the new and improved Schools & Agents website we would like to invite you to take your time, browse and explore, and please do get in touch with us if you have any questions or wish to find out more. There is one thing that hasn’t changed by the end of this project, and that is that we are still here to help you whenever you need us!




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