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Website Monday: Using News Articles and the Industry Newsletter

Published Lynne on Monday, September 5, 2022 6:09 AM

Website Monday: Using News Articles and the Industry Newsletter

News and content play a very important role in the Schools & Agents website. Apart from our own content, our partner associations share their press releases and content with us and in turn we spread that content over our various channels. Here’s how you can follow the way we disseminate content.

Article Frequency

We post articles on a daily basis, sometimes more than one, and our news section is right on our homepage at the center of it all. The latest articles are displayed on our homepage but the rest of the articles are still available on our website, in fact once you click on the ‘Articles’ tab in our menu you will find row upon row of valuable content.

Article Types

The content in our news section varies, in fact our own articles vary in content. On Mondays we publish content with tips on how to use the Schools and Agents website better. On Tuesdays we publish our ever popular How to Tuesdays, with content focused on how to improve your marketing strategies in the industry among other subjects, and on Fridays we publish articles that highlight industry happenings and feature specific organizations and service providers that would have something specific to share or celebrate

Social Channels

Our next step is sharing the articles we post over all our social media channels, so if you’ve missed them while browsing our website, you will still be notified on any platform of your choice, when they are posted. From our facebook page and group page to instagram and even on Linkedin, you certainly cannot miss the content that we publish!


One way to catch up on all the content that we share is to subscribe to our newsletter. Once a month we gather all the articles we’ve posted and send you a recap of each, that way you can keep in touch with all the updates at one go. You can find our subscription section at the very bottom on our page.

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