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4 Tips to Use the Schools & Agents Website Better: More on Member Articles

Published Bernice on Monday, February 14, 2022 12:00 AM

More on Member Articles

In today's post we are going to continue building on what we started talking about in last week's article. In other words, we are going to continue talking about how our members can make the most of Member Articles. Today we shall be focusing on four aspects which are extremely important, both in terms of content Marketing and also in terms of content frequency.

1) Blogging for Students

2) Blogging for Agents

3) Members Newsletter

4) Regular Content

Blogging for Students

When you create content you have to keep your target audience in mind. This means that if you write a piece of text for your website, and you intend this text to be read by potential students, you would need to create a different kind of text to submit to a platform such as Schools & Agents. The main reason is that the audience is a totally different one.

Blogging for Agents

In fact, on Schools & Agents, our main audience is agents. We currently have over 700 member agents, not to mention that our articles are followed by agents on our social media channels as well as through our newsletter and emailshot. This means that when you submit content to be published on Schools & Agents, you need to write about topics which interest agents, and you need to use language which agents can relate to. That way your articles get more visibility and are more successful.

Members Newsletter

Speaking of the Members Newsletter, it is important to point out that this is sent out to all our database of agents on a monthly basis. This database includes agents who are members of S&A, as well as agents who have chosen to subscribe to our newsletter and receive our content there. The articles included in the newsletter all include links to the school's or partner's website. That way, agents are able to come from our website directly to yours, or from our newsletter directly to your website.

Regular Content

Whether you are submitting content to be published on Schools & Agents, or whether you are posting content on your website and social media channels, the most important thing to keep in mind is regular content and consistency. Regular and consistent content will help to boost your SEO and ranking as well, so make sure to throw in a couple of key words into your articles!

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