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Newsfeed: VR Today and Tomorrow

Published Bernice on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 12:00 PM

Newsfeed: VR Today and Tomorrow

"Having come across the Virtual Reality for Language Learners (VR4LL) app developed using Erasmus funding by chance one day, I have since been convinced by the potential of Virtual Reality as a tool for use in the language learning classroom," says Richard Twigg who is Director of Training at English Consultancy. 

"With the permission of the creators, I developed a teacher trainer course to help teachers get the most out of the app and to experience the benefit of VR first hand," he added whilst also saying that he "delivered this training both online and face to face in Italy and Poland."

Now Mr Twigg is in Malta where he will be "delivering 4 courses with the aid of the JobsPlus Invest in Skills funding. Participants will get to experience the world of VR first hand, try out some cool free apps using the Meta Quest 2 headset and also learn more about VR4LL, which has been shortlisted as a British Council ELTons Finalist."

"The app has been developed specifically for language learners and has 4 worlds with 2 tasks in each which involve communication and problem-solving skills, without the need for all students to be wearing a headset," he added.

"Well done Malta for embracing this new technology and watch this space for Maltese EFL schools offering VR lessons in addition to their current range of fun and engaging lessons," Mr Twigg concluded.

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