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Villars Palace Academy: Learning experiences and leadership!

Published Lynne on Monday, March 21, 2022 12:00 AM

Villars Palace Academy: Learning experiences and leadership!

To give new generations a valuable opportunity to become competent and fair leaders, we have developed a unique educational experience at the Villars Palace Academy, where our students are the architects of their own blended learning pathway. Where they can cultivate a growth mindset through a wide range of activities and develop the interpersonal skills and ethos future leaders will need to succeed:

Creativity, teamwork, resilience, tech-savviness, and cultural intelligence, together with a strong awareness of global ethics and sustainable development.

Throughout their programme, students will be covering the following soft skills: Practical Resilience, Ecology & Sustainability awareness, Future of food, Creative & Cultural Intelligence, Team spirit & Self-confidence, Entrepreneurship, Intercultural communication, Management of people & projects, Fundamental Marketing & Digital branding.

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