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Total Immersion® with Berlitz Language Centre Malta

Published on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Total Immersion English Course in Malta

The Total Immersion® English course is our most intensive and most effective programme. 
This Private, one to one course includes 12 lessons every day for up to six weeks. Our trainers help the student to overcome any language barriers or difficulties and keep the student speaking at least 50% of the time.


- 12 lessons per day (60 hours per week) with two language instructors based on the conversational Berlitz Method®

- Completely customized course to meet students individual needs

- Daily business lunch with an instructor to practise English in a social setting

- End of course certificate and personal progress report at end of each course

- Boost of confidence in speaking

- Communicating in a very short period of time

- Being an English-speaking country, Malta gives the student an opportunity to practise their English all day long.

The Total Immersion® course is intensive and completely immerses you in the target language according to your goals and needs. This course guarantees vast improvement whether you opt for a 1 week course, a 6 week course, or something between.

The content and materials used in the course are customized to suit your individual needs. Berlitz trainers can choose from an extensive selection of materials from a wide variety of industries and areas of interest. This ensures that you are learning words or expressions you can use in daily life, which further increases your confidence when speaking outside of your lessons.

Total Immersion® Course and Berlitz Method ® are registered as international trademarks.

Contact for more information about Total Immersion ® course and our offer.

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