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Top 10 Tips for Studying Abroad by SEE Learning Center

Published on Thursday, March 23, 2017

Studying abroad is exciting and fun but you might feel a little nervous about being away from home. There are several things you can do that will help you have the best possible time on your study trip.


1.  Bring something you love with you. Having something familiar, like a desk mascot or a favourite mug can make your room feel more like home and be comforting if you feel a little homesick.

2. Check what you need to bring. Do you need to supply your own towel or sheets? If so, pack a set so you don't need to spend time and money buying them when you arrive.

3. Save space in your suitcase by using vacuum sealed bags or rolling your clothes. Then you'll have room for souvenirs.

4. Don't spend all your money in your first week or month! Work out how much you will need for essentials, trips, days out and souvenirs and try to stick to a weekly allowance. If you have a smartphone, use a currency conversion app to make it easier to work out prices.

5. Check whether your phone accepts international SIM cards to avoid expensive roaming charges. If your phone is locked to a network provider, ask your phone company if they have any special rates for overseas travel. Or get your phone unlocked so you can buy a new SIM when you arrive.

6. Take your time to settle in and get to know your local surroundings. Once you feel comfortable where you are based, you can start exploring further afield.

7. Use the opportunity of studying abroad to try new food, music and other experiences. And travel to other places in the country.

8. Make friends with people from other countries, not just your own. That's the point of being abroad so you can learn from other cultures!

9. Keep in touch with your family - you might be busy having the time of your life but they will be missing you and worrying about you. You will probably fee homesick at some point so staying in regular contact with the people you love will help everyone feel better.

10. Record your memories. It doesn't matter if you write, take photos, draw or use other ways to capture your new experiences but make sure you do it. You'll be able to share moments with your loved ones back home and remind yourself what a great time you had long after the study trip is over.


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