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The AIL Madrid Pathway Program: A Guide to Entering a University in Spain

Published on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Spanish universities are an increasingly attractive option for young people looking for academic excellence as well as access to a major world language, and an endlessly fascinating culture. Spain is the number one destination for Erasmus students, and every year its universities greet more and more international students.


AIL Madrid is a pioneer in offering University Pathway programs in Spain for international students ready to meet the challenges of combining their higher education with a full linguistic and cultural immersion that will provide an excellent preparation for life


Pre-arrival Preparation


Before arriving in Spain, AIL Madrid’s expert team of professionals will analyze the student’s specific situation (nationality, preferred areas of study, high school grades achieved and desired university if applicable) and then give detailed advice on the exact requirements needed to access the university program of their choice. They also help with logistics including visa applications, accommodation arrangement and arrival planning.


Program Objectives


Once the student is in Madrid and has successfully navigated orientation, AIL Madrid’s program focuses on preparing for the two key challenges facing Pathway students on the road to gaining entrance to a Spanish university:


  1. Getting their Spanish up to at least B2 (upper-intermediate) level by the time they are ready to start university.
  2. Passing the specific entrance exams.


AIL Madrid provides training in both of these areas through their intensive Spanish programs, and the access exams through their partner school, an institution with expertise in preparing students for entrance to a Spanish university in all major subjects.


Program Options


Because the specific circumstances of different candidates vary, AIL Madrid offers several Pathway program options to help each student take the optimum route to success.


The Classic program - 6 months of intensive Spanish classes followed by 8 months of exam training for the entrance exams.


The Fast Track program - 6 months of Spanish but the program condenses the exam training into 5 months.


The Parallel program - for students who already have a B1 (intermediate) level of Spanish and want to go straight into the exam preparation while continuing to improve their Spanish with us in evening classes.


Just Spanish program - for those lucky candidates who already comply with the entrance requirement, but need to get their Spanish up to at least B2 level. 


All the programs include expert advice on administrative procedures, and on the exact entrance exam courses that students need to pass.


Personal Growth and Development


In terms of personal development, students find the whole process one of the most rewarding things they will ever do. The Pathway program is designed to get them on the right track from the very beginning. It’s the vital first step on route to a life changing experience for high flying students looking to become truly global citizens.


More information and next steps


The challenge of gaining access to a Spanish university can be daunting, but the rewards are immense.  The AIL Madrid Pathway program is all about getting the most out of the present while preparing for the future, and making sure students are fully prepared for each stage of the process. In short, AIL Madrid makes entrance to a Spanish University as smooth, enjoyable and enriching as possible.


For more information and application details visit our online guide or send a mail to our Pathway guru José (

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