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Intrinsiq Support:Teacher Planning and Allocation

Published Bernice on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 12:00 AM

Teacher Planning and Allocation

In today’s article we are going to focus on how the Intrinsiq system helps with Teacher Planning and Allocation. Sometimes, schools store teacher info in large paper files or in filing cabinets which would be full of documents, and which can either be lost or damaged over time. Having a system like Intrinsiq means that you can:

  1. Have all of your teacher info in one secure place
  2. Have all of your teacher info accessible from anywhere (even from your phone)
  3. Be able to update your teacher info in a simple and efficient way
  4. Be able to generate reports related to your teachers
  5. Be able to allocate classes more efficiently depending on teacher availability and level preferences.

Teacher Holidays

The Intrinsiq system is very efficient when it comes to planning teachers’ holidays. Sometimes teachers book their time off well in advance, and as administrators, we store this info on our calendars. However, our calendars and our classroom allocation and planning systems are not always synched. This means that when the course coordinator or DOS are creating their class forecasts, they don’t always remember which teacher has which days off...and needless to say, we all know this could lead to potential chaos and last minute panic attacks! With Intrinsiq, this problem is resolved because once you enter a specific teacher’s booked time off into this system, that teacher is marked as unavailable for that period, therefore, the DOS will not be able to use him/her when planning and forecasting.

Casual Teachers and their availability!

The same concept discussed above also applies for casual teachers who spend more time away from the school rather than being there. The Intrinsiq system makes it possible for the course planner to only select those teachers who are available during any particular week.

Teachers’ Experience and Level Report

Thanks to the Intrinsiq system the Academics Department can record the experience that each teacher has at any academic level. This comes in handy when allocating teachers to their classes as in this way, you can definitely ensure that the right teacher is placed into the right class with the right students. It also helps when it comes to planning training. If the DOS sees that there are some specific teachers who need more training teaching particular levels, this can be planned accordingly.

Weekly Work Report

Rather than adding hours manually, and risking making mistakes and having teachers queue up at your desks to check their wages and their hours when their pay comes out, the Intrinsiq system has the ability to generate weekly reports which give you the exact number of hours that any particular teacher would have worked during any particular week. It is also possible for the system to generate a daily report on the number of hours / minutes worked by teachers.

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