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TLCdénia school organizes groups for Ukrainian refugees

Published Lynne on Friday, May 27, 2022 12:00 AM

TLCdénia school organizes groups for Ukrainian refugees

As a leading Spanish language school, TLCDenia has decided the best way for us to help Ukrainian refugees is by teaching them our language and introducing them to our culture.

As part of the “ELE Schools with Ukraine” initiative created by FEDELE, we have been delighted to welcome Ukrainian refugees into our scheduled intensive classes. Additionally, we have put together a programme tailored specifically for Ukrainian refugees in the afternoons.

All of this has been facilitated by the incredible generosity of the Witte family. Mr Witte, who has previously experienced TLCDenia Spanish lessons as a student, made a donation specifically to help provide Ukrainian families with lessons. Like us all, he and his family were heavily impacted by the plight of the Ukrainian people and his generosity will make a huge difference to these people as they try to settle and adapt to life far away from their homes. We hope that with this incredible donation from the Witte family, and through the dedication of our teachers, they can learn quickly and make the most of this terrible situation and benefit from everything that the wonderful people and city of Denia have to offer.

Below, you can listen to the experiences of 4 of the students in this group:

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