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How is TLCdénia school in Spain after reopening?

Published Bernice on Monday, August 24, 2020

TLC Denia reopens

TLCdénia Spanish school located in Denia (Costa Blanca in Spain) is pleased to share that since the school reopened (on June 1 after the quarantine), most of the students have made up their courses.

Fortunately, some European students have traveled to Denia and have taken their Spanish course.

Denia is a safe destination and people respect the health measures

In Denia’s area they have hardly had any cases of COVID, so they are enjoying a quiet region. The tourists who visit Denia, mostly Spanish, are respectful of social distance and the use of masks, so we feel quite safe. The visitors during this summer respect social distance, they use masks, so the environment feels very safe.

In Denia all shops, bars and restaurants, are open and pay attention to every detail to take care of their health clients. Beaches are extensive so people have a lot of space and social distancing can be ensured. City council have prepared a walking area only to walk so there are more separation from people sunbathing.

At TLCdénia school there is a safety protocol that everyone follows. Students and team feel safe and can do their courses normally and some are extending their number of weeks.

Read this review from recent students at school:

TLCdénia encourage to take a Spanish course in Denia in autumn

Autumn is a great time to visit Dénia.  We encourage you to book a course in the coming months! Contact TLCdénia for more information.

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