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Synchronous Learning at Merrick Prep School

Published Bernice on Monday, July 17, 2023 2:00 PM

Synchronous Learning at Merrick Prep School

Our synchronous online learning platform is unlike any you will experience anywhere else. A highly sophisticated camera tracks the teacher’s movements, and a sensitive microphone and speaker allow the synchronous learner to participate fully in the class. From the synchronous learner’s perspective, it is as if they are sitting in the class with the teacher and their fellow students, able to ask questions and participate in class discussions, group work and presentations. In real-time, you will enjoy interacting live in your Merrick Prep class, including hands-on experiential learning, immediate feedback, and support within the context of a true Canadian learning environment.

And if you ever want to join the MPS family in person on campus, the transition is seamless! On campus, living in your oversized dorm room with a queen bed and en suite bathroom, you will enjoy all MPS has to offer: over 40 co-curricular, sports, clubs, activities, field trips, and weekend excursions with students from around the world and around the corner. You will be part of a truly international family.

Check out what our students have said about MPS here:

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