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Summer Youth Courses with Alpha Aktiv in beautiful Heidelberg

Published on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

In the summer months (from June to September) we organize Summer Youth Courses. During this time, we devote the course content mainly to cultural and regional matters. Fun and entertainment are an important part of this program. The Summer Youth Course is directed mainly at teenagers and young adults who want to improve their language skills during their summer vacation.


The language course takes place in the morning, while afternoons are reserved for students to get to know each other and to explore the surrounding area of Heidelberg.


On arrival at the school, all students are given an initial placement test aimed at determining each student’s knowledge of German. According to the obtained result, which serves as a guideline, students are assigned to a certain class in which they will be improving their German skills, namely: listening, speaking with the correct pronunciation, reading and writing.


Once the students begin classes – they can always change the group if they find the assigned class too easy or too difficult.


In order to offer our Summer Youth Course participants the ideal experience, they will be staying with our carefully chosen host families.


Living with a host family is the best way to get to know the German way of life and hospitality as well as to improve one’s German in contact with native speakers.


Staying with a family will give students glimpse into how people really live in Germany. Host families provide our students with half-board (breakfast and supper), so students will get to eat local food. Our host families are also helping their host children in daily situations, like where to buy the best souvenirs or which are the best local places to visit.


We also keep track on the comfort of the stay of our students and are in contact with the host family (as well as the parents if necessary).


We always do our best to keep our leisure activities program as varied as possible. In order to show our Summer Youth Course participants as many different perspectives of Germany as possible, we offer trips to nearby cities, sport activities, cultural sightseeing and much more.

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