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The Third Edition of the Summer School in Rennes, France

Published Bernice on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Third Edition of the Summer School in Rennes, France

2020 is the third year during which the 2-week summer school organised by the EIT Digital Department within the University of Rennes 1 in France will be held. This summer school will take place between the 29th June and the 10th July 2020. During these 2 weeks, MA and Phd students focusing on Business-related topics meet in Rennes to discuss innovative concepts, work on entrepreneurial projects and build ideas. Basically, your students can get to spend two weeks in a gorgeous French city with real Entrepreneurs, and other like-minded students sharing knowledge creatively as well as examples of best practice.

The language spoken during the summer school 

English is the language that is spoken throughout the 2 weeks of the summer school. Here, students coming from different countries and cultures are fully immersed in an English language innovation activity. 

Lectures + Hands-on experience and projects

They will have the opportunity to, not only participate in academic lectures, but also learn from industry and company professionals. With this experience, students can develop real business case studies originating from different innovation activities, startups and network of industrial partners.

Valuable International Speakers

The summer school is all about bringing like-minded people together. During these 2 weeks students will have the opportunity to meet international entrepreneurs who have been successful in their innovative fields. They will share their experience and mentor our students whilst focusing on the technological challenges that our students should take up in order to positively impact our society.

Student Nationality Mix

Our Summer School is quite multicultural, therefore, students come from all over Europe and abroad have the opportunity to share a wonderful and unique experience in an English-speaking environment. In previous editions of the summer school, participants came from top universities, for example, Alto, in Finland; ELTE, in Hungary; KTH, in Sweden; POLIMI, in Italy; Trento, in Italy; and UPM, in Spain, but also India and China. We really hope to host more students coming from other parts of the world in order to feed our program with an enriching cultural diversity.

Entry Requirements

We always recommend that if your students are interested, and you, as an agent, feel that their level of English is good, you speak to us and we can guide you better. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this interesting summer school, and if you would like to learn about the special commission rates for agents, send us a message on and we'll be happy to put you in touch with Prof. Pina Stranger, who is in charge of running this programme at the University of Rennes1.

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