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Summer Programmes at Oxford International Study Centre

Published on Monday, May 22, 2017

Oxford is a world renowned University City, with origins dating back over eight hundred years. The Colleges of the University, with their beautiful architecture dating from mediaeval times in many cases, provide a spectacular and inspiring backdrop for educational, business and cultural programmes for visitors and students from all over the world. It is also an important cultural centre, with many art galleries, theatres, films and musical performances.


Oxford International Study Centre


OISC is  a well established college in the centre of Oxford. .We are accredited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (grade one , the highest).  We are also associate members of the European Council of International Schools and Study UK.  We have  UKVI   Tier 4  sponsor status.


Summer programmes in the University


Once again our programmes for older students will mainly be held in the University of Oxford during July and August. This is a beautiful and memorable venue. There is a full leisure and excursions programme in addition to the opportunity to study English and a choice of over twenty other subjects. The study environment forms a memorable experience in itself.


Summer Junior Programmes


Juniors are taught in the OISC Blue Boar Centre, right opposite Christ Church College which has excellent modern facilities. There is a full leisure and excursions programme in addition to the opportunity to study from a choice of over twenty other subjects.


The Summer Programmes


There four types of summer programme, and you do not need to choose the same programme each week.


All the programmes consist of a weekly schedule of:

- A minimum of twenty to thirty lessons of tuition with specialist teachers, depending on the chosen course

- Projects and cultural visits every weekday afternoon (optional but recommended)

- A full day weekend excursion (optional but recommended)

- The opportunity to have lunch in a College of the University of Oxford

- Current affairs discussion groups...highly recommended for first language


English students or those with intermediate plus level. Good fun and good for communication.

- Seminars on British Education….schools, universities, Oxford and Cambridge etc… optional but recommended for those students who may wish to continue their studies in the UK.

- Study Skills ….optional but recommended for those students who would benefit from support in planning their revision, organizing time, and writing essays.

- Workshops in a range of subjects …Art, Debating, Creative Writing , Film and Photography and Nature Conservation .


  1. Language, Culture and Communications
    This programme is for those learning English. It is a combination of classroom teaching and activities which make learning the language fun. Participants are grouped according to age and level. The activities for younger people include producing a scrapbook about the city, finding out about where Harry Potter was filmed and Alice in Wonderland was written, or following a treasure trail to find out about the history and culture of the city. For adults activities include taking part in a play with professional actors, making presentations, or visiting companies.
  2. Academic preparation for school and university students
    This programme is intended to combine a period of academic enhancement with the opportunity to experience the culture and history of one or both of Britain's most fascinating cities. Students choose two subjects , which can be changed after a minimum period of two weeks. English as a Second Language can be included as one subject choice. A full list of subjects is on the website.


For those students with a high level of English there is an optional current affairs discussion group. Some of the students in the group will go on to apply to leading universities such as Oxford .


Over twenty subjects are offered, at a variety of levels. We can help students prepare for these examinations:

- A Level and (I)GCSE

-  International Baccalaureate

- Oxford and Cambridge Entrance (both pre-undergraduate and pre-postgraduate)

- American examinations(AP; SAT; TOEFL)

- Abitur and VWO

- IELTS, and Cambridge examinations

- Pre-University programmes (undergraduate and postgraduate)

- Pre-Boarding School programmes

- Common Entrance

  1. Cultural and Business Programmes
    These programmes are intended for those who are fluent in English. They include seminars, projects and visits to places connected with the chosen subjects. For example, if you are studying Business in London, you might visit one of the financial institutions in the City. If you are studying Art History in Oxford you would visit the Ashmolean Gallery and Museum, which is the oldest in Europe.

    Participants choose two subjects , which can be changed after a minimum period of two weeks. The subjects need not be from the same subject group.

- Arts and Humanities: Literature, History, Art History, Languages.

- Social Sciences: International Relations, Politics, Law, Media Studies

- Business and Economics: Finance, General Business Studies, Marketing, Economics

  1. Tailor-made Programmes for groups or individuals
    We are often asked to design a programme for the specific requirements of a school or university group, a company, or an individual. These have included programmes for Teachers, Lawyers, Health Care Professionals and Company staff. Both Oxford and London offer an enormous range of expertise. Please write to us with your suggestions.




Accommodation is normally with Oxford families, although in the summer vacation students over sixteen may choose to reside in the University. A limited number of places in a self-catering student residence are available for older students, and also a range of hotels to suit most budgets.


Cultural Programme and Excursions


We arrange a regular programme of cultural activities in the afternoons and evenings, and there is a full day weekend excursion each week.


We include in the cultural programme in Oxford the opportunity to act scenes from a play in conjunction with a professional schools theatre group. This is great fun, and also very good practice for those who are learning English.


We are also providing an optional Companions Programme. This enables international school and university students to meet with students of similar age from British schools and Universities. This is an excellent introduction to living and studying in Oxford and also the basis of future friendships. The students will join the British students for shopping, cinema visits, going for ice-cream etc... good fun for everyone!


In Oxford, we include visits to University Colleges, Museums and Galleries, and punting on the river.

There is an opportunity to dine in an Oxford College and to have discussions with Oxford  undergraduates. For younger participants there are treasure trails, sports and barbecues.


Weekend excursions include Warwick, Stratford, Bath and Cambridge, as well as tours to the beautiful Cotswold countryside.

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