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Sydney, a great place to study!

Published EDU-WorldWide on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Sydney…such a far destination for many, yet such an incredible place to study abroad. Sydney has several pleasant surprises in store. For many, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Sydney would be the famous Opera House, and obviously koalas and kangaroos, however, Sydney has so much more to offer.

Those who choose to study at the New Horizons’ Sydney campus will be lucky enough to study in Australia’s largest city… and for many reasons. Thousands of people go to Sydney every year in order to experience the city’s diverse and multi-cultural atmosphere, and this is definitely also represented at our campus.

We’ve put together an introduction to some of the main areas of Sydney to get you orientated.

The four main areas of Sydney

From the vibrant Darling Harbour, with its several restaurants and lounges, to the more adventurous Blue Mountains and the pretty beaches of Manly and Bondi, this city has a lot to offer.

Our Sydney campus is located in Sydney’s Central Business District (Sydney CBD) where you’ll find all the offices and huge company buildings. If you study the BSB51415 – Diploma of Project Management and ICT50115 – Diploma of Information Technology with us in Sydney, chances are that your students can find a side-job in this area.

A second business district is located north of the city. However, further down to the south it’s back to the outdoors. In fact, in the southern part of Sydney you will find numerous beautiful National parks including the famous Royal National park.

The Eastern side of the city is the part which is closest to Sydney airport, and that is also where the famous Bondi Beach is, with its gorgeous waves and hundreds of surfers. The final part to explore and definitely not to miss while studying in Sydney, is the western part of the city. West of the City is an incredibly vast and diverse area, which includes the Sydney Olympic Park, and which connects to Sydney’s sister city Parramatta.

Getting around Sydney

There are various methods one can use in order to get round the city. Trains are by far the fastest and most efficient way to travel. Visitors and locals take trains to and from the airport with incredible ease. From Central Station, or Town Hall Station, students can catch the train to almost any area of Sydney. Busses are another good option because they run frequently, and in most cases late into the evening.

Taxis and Ubers are also quite popular and very efficient. Uber Pool offers a very affordable and flexible way to get around, and your students might even meet new friends in the Pool! In Sydney, people tend to enjoy going around by bike, mainly due to the favourable weather conditions and lovely sunshine that we enjoy here, therefore, cycling can definitely be another option! In fact, bike sharing is extremely popular, and you’ll find many bikes, for example Lime Bikes, for rent on a pay-per-minute base.

The fact that our school is located right in the city centre is a huge advantage for our students. It makes it easy for those who need to go work after school to catch transport nearby.

Things to do in Sydney

As we’ve mentioned before, Sydney is a city for everyone! The city’s climate definitely caters for outdoor life, and in fact, most of the activities which are held around Sydney are outside. Apart from the gorgeous beaches and nature parks, Sydney also has a great sporting, outdoor cinema and music culture.

There are many things that students can do around the city that are completely free, such as the free fireworks festival in Darling Harbour which takes place in summer every Saturday evening. Other free events for students to enjoy, such as the Vivid Festival of Light held towards the end of May.

Earlier on in this article, we mentioned that Bondi is famous for surfing and surfers. In fact, many of those who visit Sydney, choose to try surfing in order to get the full immersion experience and live like a local! Another student favourite is the Bondi to Coogee walk, which is about 2,5 km and will take you past the most incredible ocean views, golden beaches and real Aussie beach culture at every turn.

The famous animals in Australia, are obviously to be found in Sydney and there are various ways for students to visit and meet the koalas and kangaroos….as well as many other animals. One such place to do this is the famous Taronga Zoo, but this is not the only option. In fact, there are various day trips that students can take especially during weekends in order to explore this wilder side of Sydney too!

Culture and People

We believe that the one thing Sydney students will always remember, are the people and the diverse culture. Sydney is the city for Business and Technology, but it is also an English-speaking city with many interesting and diverse influences coming in.

People in Sydney are very laid back and relaxed and this can be seen in the easy vibe that one finds all around….and most especially the friendly locals!

At New Horizons Institute of Technology in Sydney, we help our students integrate well into their new life, so much so, that once their studies are over, they always find it very hard to say goodbye!

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