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From the Czech Republic to Melbourne – Meet Henry, NH Australia’s newest member!

Published EDU-WorldWide on Thursday, January 17, 2019

As the saying goes, ‘New Year, New beginnings’! We’re kicking off this year with an interview by Schools & Agents with Henry Dolezal, who has recently joined the New Horizons International team in Melbourne. Henry was born in the Czech Republic and has loved traveling ever since he was a child, which is why a career in international education makes perfect sense for him. Over the years, he has lived and worked in England, the USA, and Canada. He says the best part of his job is meeting people from all around the world, as well as learning about their cultures.

Henry joined New Horizons last September, and has been working closely with Elisangela da Silva in the International Student Recruitment department. For him, it is a real joy to see students who are passionate about their studies at New Horizons and to be a part of their success as they achieve their goals. 

In this interview we spoke to Henry about his experience so far at , about why agents should work with this organisation and what they can expect to come across when they do, amongst other points. Here’s what Henry had to tell us…

S&A: From your experience so far, if you had to describe New Horizons Australia in 3 words, what would they be, and why? 

Henry: Professional, fun, ambitious. 

Professional because the atmosphere at the school is truly a professional one where everyone works towards the same goal – that of making the students’ experience the best possible.

Fun because apart from focusing on the academics we also ensure that the students make the most out of their stay with us in Australia…we make sure that they experience everything from our international food days to morning teas with our students, there are many activities for them to get to know the Australian culture and other cultures too.

Ambitious because we are always striving to be better and to achieve more. We firmly believe that if we achieve more, our students will achieve more too.

S&A: Can you tell us something about New Horizons Australia? How long has it been open for, and how has it developed over the years?

Henry: New Horizons Australia has been educating Australian Business and Technology Professionals for over 20 years. However, in 2017 we decided it was time to broaden our own horizons, and that it made sense to combine all these years of experience and offer it internationally. This resulted in the launch of New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology in October 2017, accepting our very first students in January 2018. 

S&A: What are your Unique Selling Points? 

Henry: Our Qualifications include globally recognized vendor certifications which are unique to New Horizons.

Students will also have the opportunity to study alongside Australian Business Professionals, giving them first-hand experience on how to expand their professional network.

We also offer pathway programmers with English language schools and top Australian universities. 

S&A: Which are your main markets? 

Henry: We mainly receive students from South East Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Indian Subcontinent

S&A: Can you describe your typical student? 

Henry: Typically, our students are more serious and focused on achieving their goals because of the vendor certifications that will give them a head-start when applying for jobs in and outside of Australia.  They choose to study IT with us because they want to build a bright future that enables them to get a solid career anywhere they like in the world….and at New Horizons Australia we certainly see to that.

However, I think the best way to describe a typical student is to refer to what they said themselves and to quote them directly.

William from Melbourne said, “I want to study your course not only to upgrade my resume, but also my knowledge.”  

Alex, who studies IT with us in Sydney stated, “My study is for my future. This will help me to improve on my code, my ability to learn. I want to be a software developer after I finish my course.” 

S&A: Why do students come to you? 

Henry: New Horizons has campuses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  Students come to us from English language schools, because they can pathway to a diploma, and then pathway to University after completing their studies at New Horizons. So in summary, they come to us because we offer them a solid career path.

They also come to us because of the quality of our programs and the real hands-on experience that they get in the classroom. The way our courses are structured allow our students to not only focus on theory, but to also put that theory into practice, and to learn how to use the software that they need in order to be successful in their future career.

In general, students choose to study in Australia because they are interested in experiencing and exploring a new territory. In fact, some of our students also enjoy the option to move to different cities and continue in the same course without paying any transfer fees. This enables students to gain the full Australian experience and learn more about the country as a whole rather than just one city.  

S&A: Why should our agents work with you? 

Henry: New Horizons is an IT Training Company by heritage. The many years of experience in training business professionals in Information Technology and Project Management enables us to provide International Students the expertise they require to perform efficiently and effectively in their future job.  

We have a dedicated team to support our agent representatives. Our admission team processes LOO to COE within 48 hours (given that the required documents are provided). Another advantage for agents is that our policies are transparent because we firmly believe in building a long-lasting relationship with our business partners.  

S&A: Where do you see New Horizons Australia in 10 years? 

Henry: As I mentioned at the very beginning of this interview, at New Horizons Australia we are very ambitious. In 10 years I expect us to teach students from all over the world, keeping up with the fast changing phase of the Technological Industry, as this is vital for our students to be able to engage in the market.  

You can find out more information about New Horizons International here.

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