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Student Testimonial: My Experience at Global School of English

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, March 29, 2019

Class in Global School in Edinburgh

I found the lessons at GSE to be well prepared and structured. The teachers are conscientious and are able to respond to the needs of individual students and adapt lessons accordingly. This ability to prepare seriously and adapt spontaneously is, in my opinion, the sign of teaching efficiency. At the beginning of the class the lesson aim is written on the board, which is separated into three parts; one for new vocabulary, one for pronunciation and one for the lesson content. The board is also used to highlight common mistakes students make, and have to self-correct. I think it's an effective system to identify what we need to work on.

I think the teaching system in the school has the right balance between, speaking, reading and listening. Perhaps the writing system could appear a little boring at first glance, however it's not the case. A topic is given and we have ten minutes to write about it. Then we count the number of words, and we are able to compare our improvement every day. We also have some time to check and correct our mistakes.

Another exercise I particularly enjoyed was a presentation exercise: PechaKucha. The topic is open, and it requires lot of work, but without any work there isn't any improvement. It’s a good exercise to improve fluency. When we learn new vocabulary, we have to make sentences with the new words, which gives us the possibility to properly check our understanding.

The staff also have a good attitude when faced with extenuating circumstances, and they can adapt quickly. This shows without a doubt the efficiency of the staff at GSE. My two weeks here were a great experience and I am happy to be returning to the school in a few months.

Daniel Daras (seen, on the left in the photo, chatting to one of our teachers).

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