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Global School – 100% Student Satisfaction!

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Student Satisfaction at Global School

At Global School of English, we work very hard to teach our students well and improve their English. We don’t always get everything right but we try very hard to make everyone’s time in Edinburgh as enjoyable as possible.  This means we don’t just teach you English: we also provide activities and trips for you to enjoy. 

Every three months we conduct a survey of our students to ask them what we are doing well (and to tell us of anything that could be done better).   For the period from January to March this year, we are pleased to say that the feedback has been extremely good, as you can see from the table below:

In addition, we had lots of comments from our students. A selection of these are shown below:

Thank you all – great staff! (Javier, 37, Spain)

Very nice and friendly (Silvia, 49, France)

The best teachers I ever met (Michael, 54, Germany)

All the teachers are lovely (Sarah, 24, Belgium)

All the teachers are very good, Thank you for everything (Susanne, 53, Switzerland)

Very nice and friendly, I’ve had a very good stay (Iulia, 32, Bulgaria)

It was a real pleasure to be in Edinburgh, especially in this school (Francesco, 27, Italy)

If you would like to improve your English in a friendly and safe city, with high quality teaching and facilities, then please get in touch. You can email any questions you have, to:

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