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How to develop and use student ambassadors

Published Bernice on Wednesday, March 11, 2020

How to develop and use student ambassadors

In the international education industry we are used to relating the idea of student ambassadors directly with education providers. However, PRODIREKT, a USA based academic advisor and an educator, who owns the Verbalists Language Network, has taken the notion of student ambassadors to a different, wider level. This education consultancy group, which specializes in the emerging markets, shed some interesting light on two important and interesting facts in their recent story and student testimonial published here

  1.   International Ambassadors

The first point that is brought up in this student testimonial is that Student Ambassadors, who should be better called International Ambassadors (let’s face it, once a person stops being a student, he or she can still speak of the experience at the school) can be equally important for agents. High quality agents recognize that the (student) ambassador’s role starts long before starting a school or program, and finishes long after graduation...or maybe it never even finishes. 

And this brings us to the second point – the importance of agents developing long-term relationships with students, something that is often neglected as soon as a student is placed with a school. 

  1.   Agents nourish relationships with students too…

We have seen a number of students following the study abroad guidance of PRODIREKT and the Verbalists Language Network for several years. A case in point is Slavo’s story.

Slavko Slavo Apostolov is Serbian and over the course of many years he attended programmes offered by Verbalists. The more time passed, the more satisfied he was and the more he continued to trust his future and education in the hands of the Agency that helped him become what he is today. You can follow Slavo’s adventures and read about the importance of student-agent relationships here.

What are the challenges for agents in establishing a long-term and trusting relationship with students and their parents? Do educators really appreciate the value of agents’ close connections to students/parents in avoiding or resolving conflicting situations? Can schools do more in forging partnerships with agents when it comes to developing and handling International Ambassadors? These are just some of the questions we intend to discuss in the coming weeks with Dejan Trpkovic, Founder and Managing Director of PRODIREKT and the Verbalists Language Network. 

What is your opinion and/or experience on this topic? And is there anything else you would like us to ask Dejan during our upcoming Q&A session with him in relation to agent-student relationships?


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