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Struggling to Keep your Social Media Content Coming?

Published Bernice on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Have you opened new accounts and pages for your business? Did you then realise that to keep people coming to those pages you need to have interesting and engaging content weekly, if not daily? Are you struggling because there's a lack of resources, be it time or people? No worries! We can help you!


We understand the struggle of trying to keep up with full inboxes, staff queries, phone calls, meetings, travelling and keeping up appearances on social media. Both of us have worked in companies where human and time resources were limited, and we wished that someone could take some of those responsabilities away. 


So, here's what we are offering: we can't offer to empty your inboxes, handle your staff queries, answer your phone calls, attend your meetings or catch your planes for you. What we can offer is content and maintenance of your social media pages. We can help you by providing content for you to publish on your blog and share on social media, and by giving a structured plan for your channels. If this is something which you think can help you, contact us so we can discuss a way forward.

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